Teacher Education Program (TEP). Prof. Wong is an active member of UC Riverside’s Teacher Education Program (TEP) in the Graduate School of Education and Bourns College of Engineering. Within this role, Prof. Wong plays an active role in outreach to STEM education initiatives with teacher candidates and regional K-12 public schools to improve teaching and learning in STEM subjects, increase diversity in these fields, and ensure a well-educated STEM workforce.

TEP is commited to:

(1) Creating a pipeline of K-12 teachers skilled in the STEM fields;
(2) Providing teacher-candidates and practicing teachers with experiences that build their instructional expertise in the STEM fields;
(3) Promoting teacher-candidates’ and practicing teachers’ capacity to integrate scientific inquiry and scientific thinking and reasoning in their pedagogical approaches to STEM education in K-12 classrooms
(3) Developing active, interdisciplinary collaboration across UCR colleges and departments that offer curricula for STEM majors.


Materials Research Society (MRS) Student Chapter. Prof. Wong is the faculty advisor for UC Riverside’s Materials Research Society (MRS) student chapter. MRS University Chapters are a vital part of the Materials Research Society, providing discussion between students and faculty and promoting student interest in materials science.